BCF - The Rebuild is Delayed


We apology to our web Facebook users, we are still not ready to release the update of the non-Flash version.  Basically - David and Josh messed up and there's no sugar-coating it!  We drastically underestimated how long it was going to take to get this new version of the game ready and get it running on apple devices.  With Flash officially dead we thought we had a quick solution for porting the game using the massively popular Unity Game Engine.  Unfortunately, the time-savings we expected to get by using Unity have not materialized and actually have been a net negative trying to get the game ready for iOS.  The Longshot team has been working round the clock the last 2 months but the game simply isn't ready.  We are pushing as fast as we can and have brought on 3 additional people to help us and try to speed things up but we are still several weeks away from releasing the update.  

We know this is disappointing - after thousands of hours of work put in by the team it's painful and frustrating for us and we know it's just as frustrating for you to not have the game ready on time like we had planned.  We don't have a definitive release date yet but it will be at least a month away.  The iOS version of the game will continue to be available and users can continue playing as usual on apple devices.  For our web-based Facebook users all we can do is ask for your patience and know that we will release the rebuilt version as fast as we possibly can. 

I wish there was something more we could do except ask for your patience while we get the game update ready.  We will post weekly updates on the development status and as soon as we can commit to a date we will let everyone know.  We may even have early-release gameplay and beta testing opportunities for those that stick with us!  We know this is a huge bummer and again we are very sorry! We will keep working hard to get the game ported and back on Facebook as fast as possible!

Answers to a few common questions about the update:

  • Will the game keep working on iOS?  Yes - the game will be available to all iOS players.  If you have connected your facebook account to your device or to gamecenter then you can continue to play the game from your apple mobile device. 

  • Will we keep our current team?   Yes - if you'd rather restart your team from the beginning and re-experience BCF in the new version you can contact us at support@longshotgames.com and we will hook you up.

  • Will my team get challenged while the game is unavailable?  Teams that have not been connected to an iOS device and are not able to be played will be put on Byes until the game is updated so you will not lose trophies or be challenged until the game is back available.

We'll keep everyone updated on the game through Facebook and on the blog here and on the mailing list!  Believe us - we want to get this done more than anything and can't wait to get the game out and have everyone playing again!