All About Conferences

Join or Start a Conferences

Once you have achieved a level 3 stadium you can build a conference office which lets you connect with other Bobblehead players and form a conference. After your conference office construction completes simply open the conference screen and search for a friend's conference or start your own and invite your friends to join you. There is a limit of 14 teams in a conference - no super conferences in Bobblehead College Football...yet anyway.  Once you are in a conference you can share powerups and get bonus bucks and fandom from your conference partners.


  • Share powerups with your conference mates - conference powerups are more powerful than regular powerups and result in guaranteed positive outcomes. Conference powerups can easily swing a game in your favor, but you can only have a maximum of 4 conference powersup in your inventory - and you only get the full 4 if you have a level 4 conference office.
  • Every time you win a game bonus loot gets sent to all your conference partner and every time a conference partner wins you get some bonus loot!
  • Visit a conference partner's campus and collect extra loot. The higher level parking lots and tailgates that a partner has the more fandom and bucks you get!
  • Every BFL champion earns his conference a huge GOLD dump for winning. When it's time for the BFL tournament you want your whole conference online ready to donate powerups to the top teams to earn huge GOLD payouts!