You can't build a great team without a great campus.  The campus contains many buildings and venues that will support your efforts in creating a Championship team including the Stadium, Recruiting Center, Film Room, Dorms, Coaches Office, Athletic Trainer, Practice Fields and many more.  Here is a quick explanation of every building you can build on your campus.

Core Buildings

There are 4 'core' buildings on your campus that are the most important for leveling up your campus to get access to better recruits, better playbooks and better buildings. These four buildings are your stadium, head coach's office, recruiting center and conference office.


The Stadium is the heart of your campus.  The growth of your campus is dependent on the level of your stadium.  When you first start out, you will have a small field with a few bleachers.  As you upgrade your stadium, you will also be able to upgrade and construct new buildings and training facilities.  Click the info button below your stadium to view the current Bucks and Fandom capacity.  Upgrading the stadium will also allow you to increase these capacities.

Head Coach's Office

This is your office!  Come here to cook up new plays, get powers ups ready for your next game and set up your rosters.  Upgrading the Coaches Office gives you a recruiting boost and makes recruits slightly more likely to commit on phone calls, in-home visits and especially on campus visits.

Recruiting Center

The Recruiting Center is where you bring new players into your program and keep tabs on what recruits are available.  Upgrade the Recruiting Office to increase the odds that a recruit will commit to you when you call them and when you bring them on campus.  See the RECRUITING section for detailed information on how to recruit new players.

Conference Office

The Conference Office is your gateway to your friends and building a championship contender.  Once your stadium is at level 3 you can build your conference office and from the conference office you can join an existing conference or start your own and invite your friends.  You can visit your friends' campuses to collect extra bucks and fandom and whenever a conference member wins a match you get bonus bucks and fandom too.  The best way to grow your campus is to build a top conference and share your wealth with your friends.

Currency Buildings

Building a championship team takes a lot of bucks and fandom...luckily there's lots of ways to get more.  Build any of these buildings and level them up as fast as you can to refill your bank!

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is a great way to connect with your fans and boost team spirit.  The Hall of Fame generates fandom for your campus.  Upgrade this building to increase the Fandom generated as well as the cap.  Click on the Info button to see the current Fandom production rate and the current production cap.  Be sure to collect any generated Fandom when it appears over the building!

Parking Lot

Build parking lots to earn bucks for your program.  The more lots you have, the more bucks you earn!  Upgrade them for higher production rates and caps.  Once the parking lots (and all resource generating buildings) have generated enough income, a buck icon will appear above the parking lot.  Be sure to come back often and collect your bucks by clicking on the buck icon.

Press Room

Get great press and boost your teams popularity!  Build a press room to increase your fan reach and your fandom.  Upgrade your press room to generate even more fandom!  Be sure to collect the fandom by clicking on the fandom icon when it appears over the press room.


Place tailgate parties on your campus to bring in more fans and increase your fandom. Tailgates are the easiest and most abundant way to bring in more fandom to your campus.

Tailgate Suites

Tailgate suites are premium tailgate lots for your big donors.  These tailgates generate a lot of fandom for your team - Upgrade the tailgate suites to get even more fandom.  Be sure to collect from the tailgate suites often; they fill up your fandom meter fast!

Gameday Vendor

Generate bucks for your program by allowing game day vendors to operate on your campus.  Upgrade them for even more bucks and a higher cap!


Training Buildings

Train your players after every game to increase their stats and build a top team.  The following buildings allow you to train you players and boost their stats:

Athletic Training Center

The athletic training staff in the athletic training center help get your players streched out and ready to play. Train players in the Athletic Training Center to increase their agility stats.

DB Training Field

The DB Practice Field helps defensive backs and safeties the most. Train players at the DB Practice Field to increase their pass defense and pass pressure skills.

Dining Table

A football player that eats better can play longer!  Send players to the Dining Table to increase their energy cap so they can play more games before requiring a recharge.  Click on the Info button to view the trained effect and the training time.  Upgrade the building to increase the effect on the players.

Defensive Line Practice Field

The D-Line Training Field helps down linemen the most. Train players at the D-Line Training Field to increase their block shedding and run recognition stats.

Film Room

This building lets players prepare for games.  Train players at the Film Room to increase their awareness stats.  Click on the Info button to view the trained effect and training time for the current building level.  Upgrade the building to increase the effect.

LB Practice Field

The Linebacker Practice Field helps all defenders, but especially Linebackers. Train players at the Linebacker Practice Field to increase their tackling and stripping skills.

Offensive Line Training Field

The Offensive Line Training Field helps players block better. All offensive players benefit from the O-Line training field, but lineman need it the most. Train players at the O-Line Training Field to increase their pass and run blocking stats.

Team Practice Field

The Practice Field is a necessity for every team and benefits every player on the field. Train players at the Practice Field to increase their speed and acceleration stats.

QB Practice Field

The Quarterback Training Field helps your QB's footwork and arm and will help any player be a better all-around QB. Train players at the QB Training Field to increase their throwing power and accuracy stats.

Running Back Practice Field

The Running Back Training Field helps all players that carry the ball and really helps running backs. Train players at the RB Training Field to increase their carrying and elusiveness stats.

Rehab Pool

Get your tired players back on the field in no time with the Rehab Pool.  The pool speeds up players' recovery time after a game.  Get your players' energy level back quicker by sending them to the Rehab Pool.  Click the Info button to see the trained effect and the training time.  Upgrade the Rehab Pool to increase the players energy regeneration skills and the maximum boost allowed.


Weight Room

This facility is an essential training building for all football programs.  Get the most out of your players by increasing their strength stats.  Click the Info button to see the trained effect and the training time.  Upgrade this building to increase the amount of strength boost and the maximum boost allowed.

WR Training Field

The Wide Receiver Training Field helps all pass catchers run better routes. WRs, TEs and RBs all benefit from the WR Training Field. Train players at the WR Training Field to increase their catch and route running stats.


Other Team Buildings

Athlete Dorms

You can't have much of a team without a place for them to rest!  Build an an athlete's dorm to increase your maximum roster size.  The higher the level, the more players you can recruit to your team.  Click the info button to see the maximum roster size.


Make sure your players and students alike can get from one end of your campus to another!  You might also want to pay attention to how organized and attractive your college campus is as we may be rewarding the best looking campuses with Fandom in the future.

Academic Buildings

There are 8 different academic buildings you can add to your campus.  Each building has a different benefit for your campus and team.  Check out the shop in game to see what each academic building can do.